The Crowler is:

A) A Super Villain resembling a cross between Edgar Allen Poe & the Hamburglar

B) A mechanical pry bar, hyped in late night infomercials

C) A 32 Oz mechanically sealed can that is the very best option for taking freshly brewed Alliance beer home without the worries of the detrimental effects of light strike or O2 exposure that are issues with traditional resealable glass growlers.

Fortunately for our Allies the correct answer is option C. We at Alliance Brewing Company are passionate (some might say almost obsessive) about the proper way to enjoy our beers. We control the variables in our taproom, keeping our beers at the right temperature, ensuring that the lines are as clean as possible, serving them in the appropriate style of glassware, all to maximize the flavor and enjoyment of our beers. Our Crowlers are inspected for any possible defects, rinsed thoroughly, purged of ambient air with CO2, then filled and sealed on foam on our bartop seamer. Advantages over resealable top glass, steel, ceramic, or plastic growlers are many. Crowlers keep longer, are more mobile, and defend against the flavor and carbonation stealing onslaught of oxygen and light exposure. They are ideal for taking home multiple flavors of our small batch deliciousness. Two Crowlers are 64 oz so you can get 2 styles instead of just one in a standard half gallon glass growler. Get 3 and we’ll throw in a handy 3 pack carrier and knock off $5 to boot. Sorry if you’re a staunch proponent of glass, steel or plastic vessels, but for the aforementioned reasons, WE DO NOT FILL GROWLERS. Prior to Prohibition the first growlers were literally just buckets that were carried home from the bar, tavern or brewery. The evolution of better take home beer continues. Enjoy your Alliance Crowler after you’ve earned your beer in your favorite outdoor pursuit. Whether it’s trailside, by the campfire, riverbank, lakeshore, post-game or just past the finish line enjoy them safely & responsibly. Play hard, drink well and know that by doing so you’re helping us foster and promote an ACTIVE BEER CULTURE, CHEERS!